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Bitcoin News August 15, 2018

                          Bitcoin News August 15, 2018

Nearly $100 Million Lost to These ICO Exit Scams

Saudi Arabia Officials Warn that Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Trading is Illegal

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price is still hovering above the long-term support around the $6,000 area

High Times Will Not Accept Bitcoin in Its Initial Public Offering

A New Way to Compare Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin

Kaspersky: Cryptocurrency Scammers Stole $2.3 Million in Q2

Judge Denies Effort to Move XRP Investor Lawsuit to Lower Court

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Invest in Axoni's $32 Million Funding Round

Bitcoin now dominates 54% of the total cryptocurrency market cap, hitting a level on Tuesday not seen since the time of its all-time price highs in December 2017.

Bitcoin's Price Falls Below $6K to Near 2018 Low

Venezuela to Peg Pension, Salary Systems to Petro Cryptocurrency

Crypto is a Better Long-Term Investment Than USD and Gold, Says Investor

Square Cash Opens Bitcoin Buying and Selling in All 50 States


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