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Bitcoin News August 19, 2018

                            Bitcoin News August 19, 2018

Non-Believable Tokens: The 7 Strangest Crypto Collectibles Explained

3 Charts Suggest Bitcoin Prices Could Be Headed Higher

Can Security Tokens Save Crypto From the Bear Market Blues?

Cryptocurrency Mining Still Available on Google Play Store Despite Recent Ban

Cryptocurrency Miners Ignore the Bitcoin Price Fall, Focus on Expansion Instead

No More Coinbase and BitPay: Process Your Own Bitcoin Payments for $6 a Month

Major Exchange CEO: Despite Correction, Demand For Bitcoin Has Not Declined

California Bitcoin Dealer Indicted for Money Laundering as he sold $750,000 in Bitcoin across the US.

Bitcoin crashed 80% a couple of times before.

California Is Open to Allowing Crypto Political Donations

Pantera Working to Raise $175 Million for New Blockchain Venture Fund

PumaPay has announced its partnership with Wix, the website creation and hosting platform.

SIX Group Executive Questions Launch of Crypto Trading, Expresses ICO Optimism Instead

4 Founders Reveal Secrets Behind Wildly Successful ICOs


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