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Bitcoin News August 21, 2018

                       Bitcoin News August 21, 2018

 All Australians Can Now Pay Their Bills With Bitcoin

Cointree and Gobbill Let Australians Pay Everyday Bills with Bitcoin

SEC Faces Thursday Deadline for ProShares Bitcoin ETF Decision

Tron's BitTorrent Acquisition Triggers String of Employee Exits

Senior BitConnect Promotor Arrested by Indian Authorities

US Government Grants $800K to Blockchain Researchers

Losing the Lambos: It's Time to Get Serious About Crypto's Big Questions

Bitcoin Cash Use in Commerce Sees Significant Decrease

Ethereum Classic Price Key Highlights Ethereum Classic price looks ready to resume its slide after hitting resistance at an area of interest.

Shanghai Stock Exchange Partners With Major Insurance Firms to Improve Industry With Blockchain

Some industries prevail among ventures that choose ICO as the main source of funding or even build their business on the blockchain technology.

CopPay Adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the Register

Japan: Finance Giant SBI Makes New Investment in LastRoots Crypto Exchange, Will Aid License Acquisition

Hacker Charged by Federal Authorities Fails at Using Altcoins to Secure His Bail

Why Bitcoin Would Probably Not Get Listed on Binance Today

Bitcoin halving ETA now less than 600 days!


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