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Bitcoin News August 28, 2018

                            Bitcoin News August 28, 2018

India Central Bank Forms New Unit to Tackle Blockchain Regulation

$31 Million NEX Project Could Be Biggest Casualty of Blockchain Cuts

Upside Calling? Bearish Bets on Bitcoin Futures Hit Record Low

With Nearly $200 Million on the Line, EOS Is Building A Voting System

Crypto Isn't Just Money - It's a Defense Against Discrimination

Deloitte: Tech and Telecom Execs Plan to Invest Millions in Blockchain

TaTaTu to Stream William Friedkin Biopic on Blockchain Platform

Singapore Taps Blockchain Platform for Selling Tokenized Securities

Samsung Looks to Streamline Banking With Blockchain Tool

Red Hat Eyes Blockchain For Tracking When Customers Use the Cloud

JP Morgan CIO: Blockchain Will Replace Existing Technology

Charlie Shrem Talks Bitcoin, Hodling, and the Future of Cryptocurrency

How Much Electricity Do Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero Use?

IOTA Price Key Highlights IOTA recently rallied past a key resistance at 0.5500 and reached the .7000 area before pausing from the climb.

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price was previously consolidating inside a rising wedge and has just surged past the top.

New Data From CFTC Shows Bearish Bitcoin Futures Are on the Decline

Zuckerberg’s Sister Joins Advisory Board at Major Cryptocurrency Exchange

Oxford Researcher Wants to Open World’s First Blockchain University in Malta


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