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Bitcoin News August 30, 2018

                        Bitcoin News August 30, 2018

Binance Backs $32 Million Funding for Unicorn Founder's Crypto Stablecoin

Bitcoin Cautiously Bullish as Price Faces New Hurdle

Moscow's Government to Use Ethereum to Promote Transparency In Commerce

Lloyd's of London Makes Quiet Entrance Into Crypto Insurance Market

Crypto Exchange Huobi Acquires Public Firm for $70 Million

Russian Agency to Track Crypto Wallets of Criminal Suspects

OECD to Examine the Potential Impact of Blockchain Next Month

California Legislature Finalizes Blockchain Working Group Bill

Crypto Mining Attacks Soar in First Half of 2018

Crypto Exchange AirTM Targets Troubled Markets With $7 Million Raise

$102 Million: A16z, Polychain Back Blockchain Project Dfinity's Funding Round

Bitcoin Accepted [Everyw]here: Square Wins Patent for Cryptocurrency Payment Network

Yahoo Finance Integrates Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Trading

Russian Agency to Track Crypto Wallets of Criminal Suspects

Forgetful Crypto-Enthusiasts Are Storing Private Keys in DNA

Suspect Behind CryptoPay Mail Bomb Stands Trial in Sweden

US Regulators Investigating 200 ICOs for Possible Fraud


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