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Bitcoin News April 11, 2019

                                 Bitcoin News April 11, 2019

The Unbelievable Brilliance of Binance

China’s New Policy Isn’t An Automatic Bitcoin Mining Ban – Here’s Why

This Bitcoin Price Pattern Suggests $5,800 Potential Ahead

$60 Million and Rising: China’s Crypto Funds Try Lending to Beat Bear Market

Coinbase Launches Crypto Visa Debit Card for UK and EU Customers

Ethereum Like 'Clean Canvas for Social Experimentation,' Aragon Founder Recommends Changes for Platform

Indian Crypto Exchange Koinex Delists Six Coins With Low Trading Volume; Is Exchange in Trouble?

Short-Term Bitcoin Bear Doubles Down On BTC at $3,700 Call

Pay for meal with Bitcoin and Ethereum Using Coinbase VISA Enabled Debit Cards

Investor: If bitcoin breaks $6,200, it may mark the start of a major bull run

Crypto Billionaire Zhao Dong Sees BTC Remain Below $6,000 for Most of 2019

Blockchain RPG Coins & Steel Launches Demo With Exclusive Skins

New York Orders Bittrex to Cease Operations but Approves Bitstamp

Liberland’s Merit Token Built on Bitcoin Cash Captures $1M Market Cap

Moon Landing or Misfire? 2019’s Biggest Initial Exchange Offerings Analyzed

How Traditional Stock Markets Can Help Mainstream Cryptocurrency


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