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Bitcoin News April 12, 2019

                            Bitcoin News April 12, 2019


Massive Blockchain Conference Takes Place on the Mediterranean from June 9-13


Libertarian Think Tank Criticizes US SEC’s Approach to Crypto and Blockchain


Blockstack Files for $50 Million Token Offering With the SEC


Privacy Coin Zcash (ZEC) to Undergo ‘Friendly’ Fork


Digital Asset Partners With Cloud Software Giant VMware


BTC Set To Range Between $4,000 And $6,000


Bitcoin Miner Recounts Struggle to Obtain Cheap Iranian Power


'World's First Smart Contract Firewall' for EOS Launched By SlowMist


World’s Second-Largest Grocer Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain


Ethereum (ETH) Price Eyeing Last Line of Defense Near $155


Sea Of Red: Altcoins Dump As Crypto Markets Shed $18 Billion


Zooko Wilcox Envisions ‘Ambitious’ Changes for Zcash Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin Drops Back to $5K Price Support After Failed Breakout


Blockstack Files With SEC to Raise $50 Million in Reg-A+ Crypto Token Sale


Find BCH Spending Locations With Marco Coino 


How Mobile Browsers Are Driving the Next Wave of Cryptocurrency Adoption 


Last Will Platform Allows Your Loved Ones to Inherit Your BCH


Coinbase Introduces Debit Card Linked to Cryptocurrency Balances for U.K. Customers


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