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Bitcoin News April 20, 2019

                               Bitcoin  News April 20, 2019

Binance Coin (BNB) Becomes the First Cryptocurrency to Pass Its January 2018 High

Binance Coin (BNB) is the Only Crypto to Hit All-Time High Since 2017

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Adds Support for USDT on Tron Blockchain

Cryptocurrency Bear Market Waning, Going Through Accumulation Phase, Says Report

Crypto-to-Crypto Monthly Trading Volume Surges, Up 66% in March: CryptoCompare Report

Bitcoin [BTC]: experts expect 20% of exchanges to be compromised to a hack by 2020, says report

Bitcoin [BTC] accumulation phase has officially started, suggests report by Adamant Capital

Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Calls for ‘Clear Guidelines’ on Crypto

2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Promises Crypto Regulatory Clarity

Analyst’s Forecast: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Rally To $5,800, Then Collapse By $1,000

IOTA And EVRYTHNG Collaborate To Build Intelligent Supply Chains

Social Media Platform Mithril Becomes Purported First to Migrate to Binance Chain

Russia Adopts Law to Isolate Runet From the Internet


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