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Bitcoin News April 24, 2019

                              Bitcoin News April 24, 2019

Paytomat Enables Merchants to Accept 18 Cryptocurrencies In-Store

Survey Shows South Koreans Increased Crypto Holdings by 64% Last Year

Lots of Building on BCH as ’s REST Layer Sees Millions of Requests 

Rumors Nasdaq Has Begun Offering Bitcoin Futures

South Korean Hospital to Create Blockchain Medical Data Management Platform

Civic Inks Deal to Bring Blockchain ID to 1,000 Vending Machines

Bitcoin [BTC]: Japanese Billionaire from SoftBank Lost $130 Million in the Bitcoin Frenzy

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange Shutdowns Office in Chicago, 30 Employees Lose Jobs

Russian Opposition Leader Raises $3 Million in Bitcoin Donations

TD Ameritrade Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) Paper Trading Causes a Stir

Bitcoin up 40% within one month, potential triggers and predictions

SIM Swapping Cryptocurrency Thief Officially Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Bitcoin Breaks Above $5,600, But Analysts Claim Strong Resistance Exists Around $5,800

Bitcoin’s Price Climbs Above $5,500 to Reach 5-Month High


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