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Bitcoin News April 26, 2019

                         Bitcoin News April 26, 2019

Researchers Find Hundreds of Ethereum Wallets at Risk Due to Weak Key Pairs 

The Darknet Rises With 6 New Markets

Survey Shows Europeans Think Crypto Will Last a Decade, but Are Less Confident in BTC

How to Easily Add a Bitcoin Cash Price Chart to Your Website

Iran Unveils First Bitcoin ATM

Popular Dark Web Marketplace Commits Exit Scam

Bitfinex Covered $850 Million Loss Using Tether Funds, NY Prosecutors Allege

Bitfinex Examined: Inside the Troubled Bitcoin Exchange’s History

Banks Can’t Snub Crypto Startups Thanks to France’s New Blockchain Law

Leaked Letter Exposes Infighting Atop Flagship Ethereum Project MakerDAO

Samsung IT Subsidiary Releases New Version of Enterprise Blockchain Platform

Bitcoin (BTC) Hits $5,200 As Tether News Propagates, Traders Flee Bitfinex

Bitcoin enthusiasts debate cryptocurrency’s block size; address censorship concerns

Nike, Telegram, Facebook, and Everyone Else Suddenly Love Blockchain

Ethereum (ETH) Price Tumbles Back In Bearish Zone, Sell Rallies?

China’s Top 5 Blockchain-Based Projects – From Malaysia’s New Crypto City to Property Trading


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