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Bitcoin News May 1, 2019

                        Bitcoin News May 1, 2019



Tether Lawyer Admits Stablecoin Now 74% Backed by Cash and Equivalents



ErisX Launches Crypto Spot Market on Heels of New $20 Million Raise



Nasdaq Adding Index for XRP Cryptocurrency to Global Data Service



Bitfinex Is Planning to Issue an Exchange Token, Shareholder Says



Amazon Web Services Launches Managed Blockchain Service



Ethereum's Recent Decline in Hashrate 'Not Surprising': Cyber Threat Expert Explains



Despite Crypto Winter, US Bitcoin Awareness, Knowledge, and Perception Increased “Dramatically” Since 2017



Analysts Expect Crypto Markets to Continue Surging Despite Bitcoin’s Current Stability



Crypto Traders Split 50/50 On Where Bitcoin Price Goes Next: $6K or $4200



ITIF Releases Guide to Regulating Blockchain for Policymakers



Former Tether General Counsel: Tether’s Cash Reserves Equal to Only 74% of Outstanding USDT



Bitpay and Refundo Now Provide Tax Return Payouts in BTC



 A Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run Is Inbound, Long-Term Trends Show



KuCoin Launches Its Second Spotlight IEO: Trias (TRY)



Self-Styled Satoshi Accused of PGP Forgery in Kleiman vs Wright Lawsuit


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