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Bitcoin News July 29, 2019

                       Bitcoin News July 29, 2019


Large Regulated Token Sales Indicate ICOs May Be Coming Back


Market Outlook: Crypto Prices Consolidate as Economic Uncertainty Looms


Huawei CEO: Why Wait for Facebook? China Can Issue Its Own ‘Libra’


Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation Warns Against Crypto Dependency


Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Concerned About Effects of Facebook's Libra


Facebook to Work ‘However Long It Takes’ to Win Regulators on Libra


Perverse Outcomes: FATF, Bitcoin and Financial Exclusion


IRS Says It’s Sending Warning Letters to US Cryptocurrency Owners


Binance Exchange’s Charity Falling Short of Transparency Goals


Ethereum Price (ETH) Spiking Higher But Remains In Downtrend


$50,000: Ontario Securities Regulator Settles With ICO Promoter CoinLaunch


Key Ways Blockchain Will Take Back Personal Privacy in the Era of Big Data


IRS insider reveals IRS crypto letter campaign method on Reddit


Bitcoin price prediction: BTC price can fall to $7500 mark or lower


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