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Bitcoin News July 31, 2019

                                      Bitcoin News July 31, 2019

5,000,000 #USDT (4,990,150 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to unknown wallet
5,999,999 #USDT (6,020,919 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet


An exciting new paper:
Mispriced Innovation – Patents as a Leading Indicator for Earnings Growth
Another totally new vein opened with the research partners program


With a lack of major volatility, things quiet down
Reminds me when we were under $4k (not near as quiet) but these are the times where I set targets on Bitcoin & maybe a few alts
onths from now people will wish they would have taken more action during the slow price movement

Feels U.S. SEC Won't Let #Libra Launch
Libra launch won't happen until us sec regulators are happy, @facebook
mentioned that there is no guarantee that Libra or any associated products and services.


Best decision.
Rather than putting money into a stupid house or lame ass business he’s done the right thing.
Gone all-in with a “blue chip”
Now, before anyone says this is irresponsible how about you all just do the maths

I am still holding a bit from my 3.2-3.3k stack just incase I get front run. I got bids around 8.1-8.4k
If we can get $7.9-8k ill open a fat long term leveraged long there
My short from 12.1k I will close after another 1k drop.. soon
Prepared for both bear and bull.

That house you "bought" is owned by the bank... until it's paid off.
That car you "bought" is owned by the bank... until it's paid off.
Most of you are hypocrites.
You say you want to be free of banks and "institutions", but you continue to be slaves to them. Pretty hilarious!

I trade from an environment without pressure to 'make money'.
I trade funds of my own, which I can afford to lose.
I am hedged in fiat $ and with investments other than $crypto.
Whenever entering a trade, I think in terms of down-side potential.


China Publishes New Rankings of 37 Crypto Projects


Tezos is coming to Coinbase Pro, causes XTZ to surge 16.4%


Importer of Bitmain’s Bitcoin Miners Draws Criminal Investigation in Russia


$500K, 60 Lawyers: Filing Reveals Costs of Bitfinex’s Fight With NY Regulators


Golden Cross Provides Glimmer of Hope for Bitcoin Price Revival


VP of Engineering Tim Wagner Becomes Latest Exec to Leave Coinbase


Ripple Sides With US Regulators on Crypto Controversy and Facebook Libra


Is it Time to take Inspiration from the Decentralized BTC?


WATCH: Metal Pay CEO Says He Isn’t a Bitcoin Maximalist


Former Mt. Gox Chief Executive to Face Class Action in Philadelphia


Overstock to Pay Shareholders a Dividend in tZERO Crypto Tokens


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