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Bitcoin News August 22, 2019

                                      Bitcoin News August 22, 2019

10,000,000 #XRP (2,621,877 USD) transferred from Funding Wallet 1 to unknown wallet
1,001 #BTC (10,837,573 USD) transferred from #OKEx to unknown wallet

If you manage your risk properly you can dramatically change your life in only a few months in this market...
Don't underestimate how those 3% 4% daily compounded gains.
Protect your capital, move slow, make small compounded gains, get rich.

The yield curve has been manipulated and tampered with through quantitative easing in the last 10 years.
I’m not saying that we won’t go into a recession, but don’t fool yourself thinking that the yield can still be trusted.
Other indicators are superior at this point in time.

For those too blind to understand this, this market is heavily manipulated.
It's outrageous: a hamcat draws a line on tradingview and $BTC price plunges 1500$.
Pure scam, shitcoin shitcoin bullshit shitcoin bullshit retail sucker bullshit bullshit bullshit.

$22.5M Class Action Suit Against Bank Hapoalim by a Bitcoin Investor

WeWork is no different than an ICO.
It is time to talk about corporate governance and why the lack of good decision making leads to horrible investment opportunities for investors.
Wall Street is throwing rocks in a glass house when it comes to crypto!

As always, we're here to take the guesswork out for you
Just loaded another video at  on a specific strategy of knowing when to get out of your crypto spot holdings & when to get back in
All quality content to help give you confidence in this market

The World Bank’s Blockchain Bond Is Just a Fancy Way of Selling Debt

Market Update: Prices Drop as Crypto Sentiment Enters the Fear Zone

Litecoin Inches Towards Privacy With New Grin Dev

Indian Supreme Court Orders RBI to Answer Crypto Exchanges, New Date Set

US Treasury Blacklists Bitcoin, Litecoin Addresses of Chinese ‘Drug Kingpins’

You Can Now Earn Bitcoin Rewards for Postmates Purchases

Bitcoin Miners Halt Operations as Rainstorm Triggers Mudslides in China

Ripple Price (XRP) Targets Fresh Monthly Low: BTC & ETH Takes Hit

‘Power to the People’: Privacy Was the Rallying Cry of Berlin’s Web3 Summit

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange comes to a halt


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