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Bitcoin News September 23,2019

                                 Bitcoin News September 23,2019

965 #BTC (9,703,382 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to unknown wallet
20,000,000 #XRP (5,813,431 USD) transferred from #Bithumb to unknown wallet

The global money supply is ~ $90 trillion.
Bitcoin is currently ~ $200 billion.
If Bitcoin disrupted the money supply, it would be one of the greatest underdog stories ever.

On the day chart, based on price levels looks like Bitcoin could be heading back down to $9600 to $9700
Breaking below support and the high volume node area which has also acted as support
Keep an eye on here as buyers could step in on the short term

This is becoming more about ego than building a better future for all.
I hope this gets resolved as it sets the standard for future projects.
Many great older & established decentralized coins deserve exchange exposure

After 5 years of development finally china's digital currency is ready.

Anyone taking this Tweet serious is a fucking moron!
It’s so easy to get a rise out of Crypto Twitter.
PS: I own a bag of $XRP myself.

Daily: First resistance around 11'250$ if we can clear 10.4K (big IF).
H4: Visible 'fuck your break-down' candle, decent Wednesday open (hope, nothing more).
10'400$ needs to be cleared for bull party, protect your downside whichever direction (OI near ATH).

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Bakkt Is Finally Launching Its Bitcoin Futures Today. Here’s What to Expect

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