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Bitcoin News September 24,2019

                                     Bitcoin News September 24,2019

21,000,000 #XRP (5,590,893 USD) transferred from Ripple OTC Distribution wallet to unknown wallet
30,000,000 #XRP (8,021,403 USD) transferred from Ripple to Ripple OTC Distribution wallet

It has become incredibly rare for institutional investors to pass on a meeting about Bitcoin and crypto.
They are more educated. More open minded. Much more interested.
Ultimately, the industry has gotten too big and too strong to ignore now.

I'll sell the farm if we go that low
That's right, my kids have a fisher price toy farm that they never play with anymore
I'll sell it quickly and put it all in Bitcoin

There is nothing that can compare to full rage mode pump season with out of control hysteria
Like every fucking day you would wake up to double your money or at least 30% more
I’ll do anything to feel again

Allows Fintech Companies to Set Up Regulatory Sandbox

There is one altcoin thst everyone has been sleeping on.
Pretty sure it will do a x3 in the next 4 or so weeks.
I’m so looking forward to this.

Anyone taking this Tweet serious is a fucking moron!
It’s so easy to get a rise out of Crypto Twitter.
PS: I own a bag of $XRP myself.

Crypto Exchange OKEx Confirms Tether Margin Futures Launch in October

Bitcoin Cash Acceptance and Community Growth Ramp Up

HaasOnline – Create Crypto Algorithms Without Coding

Devs Remove BIP70 Payment Protocol From Bitcoin Core’s Default Settings

Kik Messaging App to Shut Down Following SEC Lawsuit Against ICO

What Billions in Fed Repo Injections Reveal About the Promise of Bitcoin

Crypto Startup Sues Exchange Group for $500 Million Over Soured Deal

Cisco Partners With SingularityNET on Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

Is the Crypto Party Over? Playing the Altcoin Rally and Bitcoin Waiting Game

Bakkt Trades 71 Bitcoin Futures Contracts in First 24 Hours


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