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Bitcoin News September 27,2019

                                    Bitcoin News September 27,2019

272,920 #BNB (4,113,050 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet
30,000 #ETH (4,936,760 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet

The first monthly discount code is dropping for the Off The Chain Product Club on Sunday morning.
All paying subscribers will get a code worth $200 off a product I have personally chosen.
Subscription pays for itself!

I’ve been with Huobi for years and they are one of my top rated exchanges.
If you don’t have an account you need to get one and test it out.
Few exchanges I will shill

Approves Securitize, the Blockchain Start Up to Record Stock Transfers

I still feel very strongly that $3k was the bottom.
I don't have any stops for my entry whatsoever. (Don't try this at home)
There is no scenario where the reward is worth the risk of losing a low $4k avg entry. If $3k would ever break, I will just add more to my position.

Latin American Payment App Mercado Pago Can Be Topped-Up With Crypto

The Number of Cryptocurrency Wallets Is Growing Exponentially

Why Bitcoin Tumbled Below 8K

Bitflyer Adds Bitcoin Cash Trading Across Europe and the US

Spencer Dinwiddie Could Decentralize Pro Sports – If Accredited Investors Want In

‘No Argument’ for Replacing Dollar’s Global Role With Crypto: Ex-Fed Official

Top 10 Alternative Cryptocurrencies Hit 6 Month Lows

Bittrex to Use Chainalysis Tool to Identify High-Risk Transactions

Users of Nigeria-Based Crypto Wallet Lose $1M in Alleged Exit Scam

Peter Schiff says Bitcoin investors made losses of 40% compared to gold over the same period


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