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Bitcoin News September 28,2019

                                          Bitcoin News September 28,2019

50,000 #ETH (8,742,822 USD) transferred from #Huobi to unknown wallet
31,000,000 #XRP (7,406,178 USD) transferred from Ripple to Ripple OTC Distribution wallet

PREDICTION: Venezuela will eventually admit they created state-sponsored Bitcoin mining facilities.
They have cheapest electricity in world, just showed up w/ unaccounted for Bitcoin, & it would be non-censorable revenue source for them.
Eventually every country will be miners.

IMO, the best and wisest move is to continue to scale in at major support areas
While many are now targeting $6100 to $6500 as the "bottom" - I can certainly see this level be front-run like every other major target this year
Another potential opportunity to get <$8k $BTC

Anyone that complains about server overload is a confirmed noob. Shows they aren’t managing risk.
Mex might go through server load but they are scaling.
Other exchanges just wick down into oblivion and have zero liquidity in volatility. You literally can’t buy/ sell

Approves Securitize, the Blockchain Start Up to Record Stock Transfers

Anyone taking this Tweet serious is a fucking moron!
It’s so easy to get a rise out of Crypto Twitter.
PS: I own a bag of $XRP myself.

Venezuela’s Central Bank Indicates Plans to Stockpile Bitcoin

BTC Price Rebounds From $7,700: Crypto Traders Hope for Relief Rally

Bitmain to Launch the World Digital Mining Map This October

Bitcoin Smart Contract Platform RSK Acquires Latin America’s Fourth Largest Social Network

Iranian Bitcoiners Risk Fines, Jail Time as Government Regulates Mining

Bitcoin Approaching Biggest Weekly Price Loss of 2019

NBA Says Basketball Player Can’t Tokenize His Contract After All

Bitcoin Lightning Network nodes increasing; hits 10000

Facebook’s Libra has contributed to high investor confidence in blockchain, suggest study

Why Analyst Says Bitcoin Price Likely to Recover to $9,000 After 23% Pullback By


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