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Bitcoin News September 29,2019

                                        Bitcoin News September 29,2019

850 #BTC (6,975,429 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet
272,920 #BNB (4,113,050 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet

Your body is a machine.
Your brain is a computer.
Treat them each accordingly.

What does this mean?
It means that a 40% to 50% pullback isn't that big of a deal when Bitcoin has seen 75% pullback in the past that was followed by a 1600% gain to ATH
This pullback too shall pass and will hopefully make for great buying opportunities in the coming days/weeks

Nope. My discord is separate from twitter.
On twitter I enjoy to say and do whatever I like. You know, have a laugh, some comedy and speak on controversial topics
That’s the benefit of having no job nobody can fire me for some dumb shit I said online

Crypto Projects Are Moving Out of Country ?

I still feel very strongly that $3k was the bottom.
I don't have any stops for my entry whatsoever. (Don't try this at home)
There is no scenario where the reward is worth the risk of losing a low $4k avg entry. If $3k would ever break, I will just add more to my position.

Hidden Lightning Network Bug Allowed Spending of ‘Fake’ Bitcoins

XinFin, Black Tier Solutions and Blockchain at Michigan Announce Joint Partnership

New Balance to Use Cardano Blockchain to Confirm Product Authenticity

Bitcoin Cash Meetups Help Plant the Seeds of Economic Freedom

This North Syrian School Is a Baby Step Toward a Blockchain Society

How Leverage Can Help With Bitcoin’s Price Discovery

Ripple’s Xpring Looks to Build XRP DeFi Products With New Acquisition

TRON-Based WINk (WIN) Completes $190K Token Burn

The Fusion Network: Hacked?

NBA says Dinwiddie cannot use his contract as a vehicle for investments


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