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Bitcoin News October 23, 2019

                            Bitcoin News October 23, 2019

5,003,878 #USDT (5,030,271 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to unknown wallet
5,000 #BTC (41,055,387 USD) transferred from #Bitstamp to unknown wallet

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crypto names officially opened to buy a few moments ago
You no longer have to buy a .zil and can get 8 character .crypto names if you're looking to secure one for your wallet address
You can use referral below to be in drawing worth $750 BTC in Nov

Spent an hour at the bank yesterday...
It was super pleasant. Free coffee & lollipops and I got to chat up the cute teller.
This story has nothing to do with bitcoin and I didn’t pull it out of my ass.

Can Withdraw Salaries In Cryptocuurencies
New Zealand has become the first country to legalize cryptocurrency salaries.

I'm not saying it will happen, but would you guys really be surprised if we test the $6k area?
It was support for months on end before we fell to $3k, and then we sliced through it like butter on the way up.
A test of $6k would only seem fair.

Cashaa Launches Banking Solution for Indian Crypto Owners

Bitmain Aims to Build a 300MW Texas Mining Farm

Credit Suisse Is Latest Bank to Charge Clients for Cash Deposits

How to Start a Crypto Podcast

Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Not Launch Libra Without US Approval

The Silk Road Investigation: A ‘Pattern of Bad Behavior and Double Agents’

Opera Becomes First Major Browser to Enable Direct Bitcoin Payments

How Cryptocurrency Developers Can Earn Bitcoin Cash With REST APIs

Smartphone Developers Embrace Crypto as Opera Integrates BTC and TRX

Launches HashRace Promotion to Maximize Miners’ Profits

Trump Administration Popped 2017 Bitcoin Bubble, Ex-CFTC Chair Says

Why Bitmain Is Building the World’s Largest Bitcoin Mine in Rural Texas

Pension Funds Put $50 Million Into Morgan Creek’s New Blockchain Fund

Binance Joins the Governance Council for Kakao’s Blockchain ‘Klaytn’

The Forever Web: The need for an ageless Internet

Bitcoin Cash price sees correction towards $225


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