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Bitcoin News October 31, 2019

                                  Bitcoin News October 31, 2019

386,895 #ETH (70,635,794 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown walle
4,999,999 #USDT (4,987,408 USD) transferred from #Huobi to unknown wallet

You can’t kill if.
You can’t stop it.
And it could care less what the detractors on Twitter say.

The pump was fun yesterday but let's step back and try to determine what's next
I'll make a video today (couldn't get to it last night)
Will share later today at the link below

Already being told what I can/ can’t do.
They aren’t happy about the 4 porstars coming to a meetup, whoops
Pretty sure it’s gonna be shorter US trip than I planned.

Bitcoin is risky?
No. Actually, $BTC is the best performing asset of the last 10 years.
Case closed.

Satoshi’s Final Messages Leave Tantalizing Clues to His Disappearance

Argentina’s Example Shows That You Don’t Own Your Money

The 0x Protocol v3 Upgrade Looks to Advance on DEX Liquidity and ZRX Staking

Mining Giant Bitmain Confidentially Files for U.S.-Based IPO

China bans anti-blockchain sentiment as it prepares for launch of state cryptocurrency

Big Name Announcements Will Not Save Your Blockchain Project

Ripple Invests in Biometric Cybersecurity Startup’s $2.2 Million Round

Cryptophyl Exchange Reveals Fiat On-Ramp to SLP Token Ecosystem

China’s Guangzhou government to subsidize local blockchain projects with $150M

Samsung vows to make DApps compatible with mobile devices

Leaked Transcript Details Power Struggle Inside Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain

Pay Your Friends to Protect Your Keys: One Startup’s New Take on Crypto Custody

Bitcoin Just Hit $1 Billion in All-Time Transaction Fees

Kraken Launches Its Mobile App With Margin Trading Support

Binance US Lists Cryptocurrency that Surged Nearly 100% Last Week

Southern Indian state to issue first-ever blockchain policies in India


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