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Bitcoin News October 3,2019

                                     Bitcoin News October 3,2019

30,000,000 #USDC (29,829,091 USD) transferred from USDC Treasury to unknown wallet
981 #BTC (8,130,540 USD) transferred from Xapo to unknown wallet

Traditional finance fears the automation of their industry just as much as factory workers and truck drivers fear being disrupted by the machines.
Blue collar. White collar. It won’t matter.
No one’s job is immune to software.

$BTC working on breaking back above the 200 daily MA
It's still early in the day but a nice start
Take Bitcoin charts day by day,  level by level

It’s apparent that $XRP is now classified as a security.
From what I’m reading it makes perfect sense.
This is great news, finally some clarity!

Says Crypto Spending on Real Estate to Double in 2019

I still feel very strongly that $3k was the bottom.
I don't have any stops for my entry whatsoever. (Don't try this at home)
There is no scenario where the reward is worth the risk of losing a low $4k avg entry. If $3k would ever break, I will just add more to my position.

What Tezos and Bitcoin Have in Common

Ripple’s Xpring aims to make XRP the internet of money

Samsung-Backed Blockchain Firm Launches in UAE After Securing $16M

US Lawmakers Ask Federal Reserve About National Digital Currency

US Congressmen Ask Fed to Consider Developing ‘National Digital Currency’

Coinbase to Pay Users 1.25% Interest on USDC Stablecoin Holdings

It’s Too Soon to Write Off Bakkt, Wall Street Analyst Tells ICE Investors

German Bank Predicts BTC at $90,000 After Next Halving

US State of Ohio Suspends Service for Paying Taxes With Bitcoin

XRP May Climb Higher in October as “Swell Pump” Nears


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