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Bitcoin News October 4,2019

                                     Bitcoin News October 4,2019

1,215 #BTC (9,950,937 USD) transferred from #OKEx to unknown wallet
30,000,000 #XRP (7,371,809 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to Funding Wallet 1

CONFIRMED: I'll be interviewing @bgarlinghouse on Friday afternoon for 90 minutes.
This will be a completely unfiltered conversation and he has agreed to answer any questions.
What should I ask him?

Easily one of my favorite episodes from @APompliano
The Truth about Exchanges with @ybchri_ .... you have to listen to this!
Check it out below and let me know what you think afterward!

Last week I said I would be moving back into trading and sharing some slick coin setups
Looking to cover the highest demand coins
Please post any requests below

Can Withdraw Salaries In Cryptocuurencies New Zealand has become the first country to legalize cryptocurrency salaries.

Everything that happens between the bottom ($3k) and next top is a GIANT distraction.
Price will go up. Price will go down. It will go sideways. Back down. Back up. And then even more up.
Put it in a drawer and don't worry about it. Don't get emotional and do stupid shit

RBI Ban Stops Indian Police From Cashing Out Seized Crypto

IKEA in ‘World First’ Transaction Using Smart Contracts and Licensed E-Money

Zimbabwe Bans Popular Mobile Money Services From Paying out Fiat Cash

Global Law Enforcement Has Auctioned Massive Amounts of Bitcoin

Coinbase-Led Crypto Ratings Council Draws Skepticism From Legal Experts

Gold, Not Bitcoin, Is Drawing Haven Demand on US Recession Fears

US Lawmakers Ask Fed to Consider Developing ‘National Digital Currency’

Libra: US Senate House Wants Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to Testify – Report

Credits Blockchain Launches a Loyalty Program for “Sevastopol” Hotel

Online gambling paves the way for crypto adoption


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