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Bitcoin News October 5,2019

                                     Bitcoin News October 5,2019

1,152 #BTC (9,393,218 USD) transferred from #OKEx to unknown wallet
774 #BTC (6,297,098 USD) transferred from Xapo to unknown wallet

Quick before and after chart of what I've been watching the last 12 hours
Bitcoin currently ranging and this has certainly made for a nice short term trade
Bitcoin continues to build before it's next big move

It’s apparent that $XRP is now classified as a security.
From what I’m reading it makes perfect sense.
This is great news, finally some clarity!

Crypto Projects Are Moving Out of Country ?

Everything that happens between the bottom ($3k) and next top is a GIANT distraction.
Price will go up. Price will go down. It will go sideways. Back down. Back up. And then even more up.
Put it in a drawer and don't worry about it. Don't get emotional and do stupid shit!

Data Shows Institutional Interest in Bitcoin Has Diminished

Crypto Investment Group Grayscale Releases Bitcoin Cash Primer

200,000 People Have Signed Ross Ulbricht’s Clemency Petition

Coinbase Pro Is Increasing Its Fees – And Users Aren’t Happy

PayPal Withdraws From Facebook-Led Libra Crypto Project

DTCC Pushes Back Blockchain Project to Avoid Brexit Complications

‘Gold-Backed’ Crypto Token’s Promoter Investigated by Florida Regulators

Ban on cryptocurrency derivatives imminent: Economist

Apple Coin? CEO Tim Cook Hesitant to Launch a Cryptocurrency

Updated Changelly app brings fixed fee crypto exchange feature


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