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Bitcoin News October 8,2019

                                        Bitcoin News October 8,2019

706 #BTC (5,772,057 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet
6,393,600 #USDT (6,396,353 USD) transferred from Tether Treasury to unknown wallet

Most founders think way too small.
Building a company is really, really hard.
Makes no sense to even try if you aren’t envisioning a goal that would make it worth the long hours and absurd levels of stress.

Nice day by Bitcoin that can continue upward over the next couple days
The only issue, as simple a concept as it is, Bitcoin has continued to make lower-highs on the trend
Failure to break the previous swing high will jus be another lower-high

It took me years to get them into crypto and I got them in at the damn near bottom of ripple.
I said to hold this shit for at least 2 years and see what happens...
As you all know that was the last dip before the pump to $3 that literally lasted 2 years

Allows Fintech Companies to Set Up Regulatory Sandbox

2020 is in 5 months.
Don’t let anyone waste your time.
If you’re not rich yet, today is a great day to start buying crypto.

Banking Giant HSBC Set to Fire 10,000 More Employees

Top Exchanges Now Hold 12 Million ETH

Here’s How Belarus Pressures Russia to Legalize Cryptocurrencies

UK Regulator Ramps up Crypto Investigations and Considers KYC for Wallets

QuadrigaCX Founder’s Widow Will Cough Up $9 Million to Repay Users

Crypto Traders’ Lawsuit Claims Bitfinex, Tether Cost Market Over $1 Trillion

Bitcoin Bounces Back to $8K From Historically Strong Price Support

FCA cryptocurrency regulations tighten in the UK

Cryptocurrency payment method at South Korean store chain

Jobs Report, Market Reactions and Crypto Greens: eToro Market Update


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