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Bitcoin News October 9,2019

                                    Bitcoin News October 9,2019

6,500,000 #BAT (1,369,042 USD) transferred from BAT UGP Reserve to unknown wallet
1,111 #BTC (9,122,044 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet

Most founders think way too small.
Building a company is really, really hard.
Makes no sense to even try if you aren’t envisioning a goal that would make it worth the long hours and absurd levels of stress.

Over the past 24 hrs, out of the majors, only $LINK and $XRP have significantly outperformed Bitcoin
With 5.9%+ for XRP and 10%+ for LINK
Bitcoin itself has performed well in the past 12 hours with a gain of 4.9%

Crypto Projects Are Moving Out of Country ?

Everything that happens between the bottom ($3k) and next top is a GIANT distraction.
Price will go up. Price will go down. It will go sideways. Back down. Back up. And then even more up.
Put it in a drawer and don't worry about it. Don't get emotional and do stupid shit!

Bitcoin Cash Settles More Value Than ETH in Dollars Moved

London Stock Exchange-Backed Nivaura Hires Senior HSBC Banker

WATCH: Ethereum Enters a ‘Crossroads’ at the Ethereal Summit

Tiny $217 Options Trade on Bitcoin Blockchain Could Be Wall Street’s Death Knell

Bitcoin’s Dropping Lightning Capacity Might Not Be a Bad Thing

TRON dApp network under bot infestation: AnChain Report

The Logbook: The story of Intrade, the defunct event predictions market

How Stablecoins Function in the Crypto Ecosystem: Trust Through a Third Party

Tether’s supply on Ethereum is set to overtake USDT on Omni

Chainlink Blazing a Trail to All-Time High?


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